Enter into the world of drama and God's miracle... Maddy's fairytale =)

Madeline Xiong (Maddy)
Kuma Miyuki
Tower of Strength
Born on 21/12/1988
Graduated from TP HTM
Currently working at Citadines Mt Sophia



I want to be a awesome dancer.
A super annointed singer.
An airstewrdess.
A Missionary.
A woman mightily used by God.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's been more than a month since my last blog post...
i've always wanted to say something but i don't know what...

life as a whole had come to a cross-road again...
now it's time to decide to turn left, right or go forward...

well, frankly i don't know what to do...

i spent majority of my 4 off days thinking about what my heart really wants...
why does it hurt when you didn't bother? why do i wanna protect you? why am i so crazy about you? why are you so nice to me?

i don't want to take a wrong step because i've failed enough to be scared of getting hurt all over again...


Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's almost 5am here at Citadines Front Desk...

and i'm,
1) tired
2) hungry
3) thirsty

3 more hours to go.... *faint*

when i go home, i'm soooooo gonna KO on my comfy bed till Coral wakes me up for Ikea Meatball lunch :)



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's been so long and loads of stuff happened so quickly around me...

i'm now in the Mandarin YA cell, under Pastor Adam... it's really nice to be in cell with the rest and getting to know others... cell bonding was TIGHT y'all... it's just very very different from YA...

anyways, soon i'm gonna be back into worship ministry in the Mandarin YA... gonna slowly but surely climb back... it's always good to start FRESH...

i still love YA, don't get me wrong... but i guess since the time i left for Sanya (which was exactly 1 year ago), YA have never been the same again... somehow got left behind and stuff...

my dream is still the same... but i still don't have the faith to believe that it will come to pass... like how people laugh at Noah when he said there will be flood... or like how Joseph's brothers laugh at his dream...

i seriously miss my hommies... Isaac, Coral, Jossie, Chuanie, Meredith, Michelle Guna, Aiken, Bel and the rest of the gang... i really do... i don't want you guys to misunderstand me for putting my new cell before you guys alright?

Short Summary of last week :)
Saturday: work, KJ's baby boy's birthday, hangout @ Pool place with cell
Sunday: service, lunch, work, supper @ Holland V with E
Monday: work, mini-birthday celebration for E's uncle, yoghurt @ playground
Tuesday: drama-dosage, dinner with E, work NOW>>>>>

Looking forward :)
Wednesday (midnight)
Thursday (off day): Cell
Friday (off day)
Saturday (morning)
Sunday (morning): work, dance @ studio, Isaac's party
Monday (PH): Worship practice
Tuesday (afternoon)
Wednesday (afternoon)
Thursday (midnight): cell
Friday (midnight)
Saturday (off day)
Sunday (off day):
Monday (morning): Worship practice
Tuesday (afternoon)
Wednesday (afternoon)

really wanna go back to school :(


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

the flaws of a traditional chinese family,
love is not tangible...

above all,
i know that i love my family more than anything...


Sunday, September 06, 2009

have you ever felt so tired of trying so hard?
have you ever wonder why you even try?

i knew...

I spend a whole night in tears... crying to God because no man could understand... till the point where i choke on my tears and my eyes were so swollen, i didn't stop knocking on Heaven's door...

As a lone ranger, i went for Mandarin Service this morning... was there at 9am and not a single face that i could recognize... i sat there alone, at the last row of the middle block and wondered... why on earth did i even sacrifice my precious sleeping time to come for a place so foreign?

at that point i felt like a fool... but God told me that i was a fool for Him...

i encountered God in a special way... for the first time in 4 years, God gave me a special COURAGE and STRENGTH that comes from LOVE accompanied by supernatural FAITH...

The message that Pastor Johnathan preached was more timely than ever... Well, God's time is perfect time AMEN? The call was to be a follower of Christ that is true, faithful, focus and one who is willing to count the cost... i bet this is not a new sort of sermon topic but it hit the SPOT...

At altar call, God spoke through a leader...

"Give your fears and worries to God, like faith arise in you. Be like Joshua and rise up. Be strong and courageous; because of your heart that is pure before the Lord, He will use you to hold the hands of those in need, He will use you to touch many others... so be strong and courageous... Rise up in your generation and pick up the baton that is passed to you from the previous generation... BE STRONG and COURAGEOUS..."

How many of us know that when God repeats it 3 times, He really mean it?

After the death of Moses, Joshua was called to rise up to the ocassion and to lead the people into the promise land... God promised him that He will never leave him and that His provision and protection will be with Joshua always...

However, the promise is a conditional one... If only Joshua obey the Laws and trust in God then the promise will come to pass... Because of fear, the Israelites fails many times... So this time round, God reminded Joshua three times to BE STRONG and COURAGEOUS...

Lord, i will trust in You because You are the alpha and the omega... The author and finisher of my faith...


Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Covenant
When the world is excited to meet their life partner, i took a stop...
Even though i constantly battle with whether i will have someone to depend on, i learn to trust...
To use the time wisely and focus on God...
It's only human that i crave for love and concern... but i will have to fight through the emotional pains and believe that one day i will meet the one who will guide me and teach me how to love God more...
believing by FAITH


Thursday, September 03, 2009

2 days 2 nights at Batam with Bel, Hosea and Shaun was awesome... it's been so so long since i really enjoyed myself and relax for a bit... doing random and spontenous stuff is totally fun :)
cell was awesome on Wednesday :)
meet up with shenna today :) yummy dinner and quality time together :)
it's almost friday already... it means back to work, back to the battle ground...
the whole time at batam, i thought through a lot... is it worth it to sacrifice my ministries, my cell time and my God-time for work... i miss being at music prac, miss sunday dance slots, miss my L.A Unit boys...
miss the days when the spirit-filled maddy minister to the young ones, at missions and just so so so in love with Jesus... the maddy was balance school, home and ministry...
but Lord, i trust in You... in Your time, i will be back to serve... but for now, i will listen and obey Your call to be a witness for You at my workplace, my mission field...
- complete 2 years of experience in the industry (end: 2010)
- get my 1 year degree majoring in Hospitality Tourism and Marketing (start: 2011)
By 2012, i would have experience and my degree... by then, i would be strong enough to strive at my career... bringing church to the marketplace, bringing people closer to Jesus...
for 1 whole month, after sorting out relationship issues, i really have to thank God... by His mercy and grace, i'm still alive today... searching for my first love once more...
Lord, i thank You for saving me... for loving me, for protecting me, for guiding me... Father, i pray that You teach me how to love You more each day... remind me to put You first place in my heart, in my life...
it's not the makeup, not the clothes,
but the godly character that should shine...